Highgate IT Solutions reaches carbon nutral status assisted by Go Green

Highgate IT Solutions has achieved Carbon Neutral Plus status, with the assistance of  Techies Go Green.

Following the arrival of Sales Director Bob Sahota and Alliances Manager & Sustainability Lead Jenny Latimer last year, the Highgate leadership team began to develop their CSR strategy.

“Myself, Bob and Managing Director, Stuart Marginson all share the same passion for sustainability, the environment and well-being. We quickly identified that we wanted to work towards being carbon neutral. Following research, plus engagement with Techies Go Green, we gained a better understanding how to calculate our footprint and how to reach our goal.”

Techies Go Green recommended The Carbon Footprint to Highgate, a carbon emissions auditing organisation who would provide guidance on calculating emissions, offsetting projects and verification and certification for carbon neutrality.

“At the beginning, this felt like a daunting process, however in reality it wasn’t. I would encourage everyone to start thinking about it, the more organisations that can make a difference, the better it will be for the environment,” Latimer states. “We believe the introduction of our sustainability goals and compliance at this point in time puts us in the perfect position to stay ahead of the curve as we grow as a business.”

Michael O’Hara, founder, Techies Go Green, added: “The progress made by Highgate is exactly the reason we created Techies Go Green. There are so many organisations that have wanted to begin their sustainability journey but there wasn’t the expertise or guidance available to them – which is why we wanted to solve that problem. To chart the progress of Highgate from becoming a signatory to the Carbon Neutral Plus status they have achieved has been incredible, and we’re proud to have been part of this journey. Stuart, Jenny and Bob have been totally invested in this process and that’s what it takes to create real change.”

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