Bringing more flexibility to hybrid work

Service Now’s Blake McConnell explores the next steps in facilitating the hybrid workforce.

Amid a worldwide surge in COVID-19 cases, many businesses are postponing their return-to-workplace plans once again. As we kick off 2022, for many, a hybrid workplace may be the best solution.

Organisations have embraced digital transformation to enable employee productivity from anywhere. Employees have thrived under flexible work arrangements. Service Now’s updates to its Workplace Service Delivery solution enable further flexibility and safety to support the future of hybrid work.

The workplace reimagined
Although companies may eventually reopen their offices in earnest, the fundamental role of the office is evolving. The workplace is no longer the default location where most employees go every day. Instead, it’s becoming a destination for collaboration and brainstorming, as well as for key meetings.

Employees want access to the workplace for this purpose, but only if the experience doesn’t add more hassle, stress, and frustration. They’re making decisions about where and how they work based on their personal comfort levels and needs.

4 ways to simplify the employee experience
The recently announced Workplace Service Delivery updates enable flexibility, helping to make it simple and safe for employees to visit the workplace—when and how they feel comfortable. Employees can:

  1. Book cross-office events: As the office becomes an event centre for company meetings and town halls, many meetings will involve teams across various offices. New group reservation capabilities make it easy to book room and desk reservations on behalf of team members or create reservations for workspaces and rooms across multiple locations at once, from desktop and mobile.2. Work together easily: With employees prioritising in-person workdays for events and team meetings, the ability to find and book spaces near team members and key colleagues is important. New proximity-based reservation capabilities make it easy to reserve desks near your closest colleagues. Employees can also share reservation itineraries with colleagues, allowing them to browse and book spaces nearby with proximity booking.

    3. Navigate the office with ease: As hybrid work becomes the norm, employees may be unfamiliar with office floorplans. With new mobile wayfinding capabilities, employees unfamiliar with the layout of the office can navigate office spaces and find or reserve workspaces, items, and services using an interactive floor map on a mobile device.

    4. Streamline the reservation process: Managing multiple calendar systems can be a job in itself. We’ve streamlined that by enabling employees to seamlessly add reservations made in Workplace Service Delivery to their calendar of choice. We’ve also made it easier than ever to reserve spaces with one-click reservations. After selecting a space type (desk or conference room), a location is proposed, and the employee can simply confirm without needing to enter any additional information.

    Prioritising employee safety
    Another critical piece of returning to in-person work is helping employees feel safe and supported. ServiceNow is continuing to deliver innovation in our Workplace Service Delivery solution with Service Now’s Safe Workplace Suite.

For example, the company recently announced an integration with The Commons Project’s SMART Health Card Verifier API to simplify the validation of vaccine record submissions within the Vaccination Status application.

Helping companies manage through uncertainty
As organisations tackle both the opportunities and challenges of the ever-evolving workplace, ServiceNow is delivering the solutions needed to remain agile and meet employees where and how they work best.

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