Ubisense and Rakuten Mobile Sign Exclusive IoT Solutions Reseller Agreement

Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and Ubisense Ltd. have signed an exclusive reseller agreement to allow Rakuten Mobile to provide Ubisense’s advanced real-time location system (RTLS) and SmartSpace software platform to enterprise customers in Japan.

Rakuten Mobile will deploy Ubisense IoT products and solutions to drive digital transformation in the Japanese automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and other industries.

RTLS utilise a network of sensors and tags to provide precise information about the location, movement and interaction of objects in often challenging environments, such as dynamic production lines and industrial spaces. This real-time location information gives additional context to the data provided by existing systems, helping digitize processes to improve efficiency, quality and safety.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ubisense and leverage the Rakuten Mobile cloud-native network to provide innovative industry leading IoT solutions to enterprise customers in Japan,” said Tareq Amin, Chief Technology Officer, Rakuten Mobile.

“The Rakuten Mobile and Ubisense partnership will bring clear and immediate benefits to our existing clients in Japan while offering near limitless scope to transform many more enterprise industry operations,” commented Clare Colhoun, Ubisense CEO.

Under the terms of the agreement, Rakuten Mobile and Ubisense will also jointly collaborate in research and development innovation for RTLS sensor and software products. Sales and Marketing of Ubisense solutions and products in Japan will be managed by Rakuten Communications, a subsidiary of Rakuten Mobile.

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