Tech Data extends trade-in services and hardware recycling capability

Tech Data is now offering trade-in, recycling, and refurbishment services on a broader range of IT equipment through new agreements with its partners.

Hardware of all kinds can now be traded-in or passed across through Tech Data’s trade-in services and will be dealt with in a way that is environmentally friendly  and conforms with all industry standards.

Mark Glasspool, services director at Tech Data, UK, said: “Sustainability and striving towards the goal of net zero carbon emissions have become high priorities for end-user customers now – and cleaning up their act on IT equipment recycling can play a big part in helping them reach their targets.

“We have had the ability to take smartphones and all kinds of mobile devices and some desktops and displays for some time. We have now extended that, so we can offer a complete service that covers all brands of mobile and desktops as well as servers, storage, AV, and networking equipment. It really is a fully comprehensive service now and one that means our reseller partners can definitely help their customers achieve their sustainability goals.’

In addition, in most cases, a trade-in value will be available on the products being recycled, making new equipment purchases more affordable and attractive.

Tech Data’s programme enables reseller and retailer partners to offer end-user customers (business or consumer) a way to trade-in old or end-of life products for refurbishment or recycling, with all components and materials disposed of properly and in line with recognised environmental standards. Doing this also gives the customer some money back in their old IT equipment and devices, which they may be able to use on new systems and solutions.

Europe-wide Tech Data already takes more than 90,000 items for trade-in or refurbishment in an average month.

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