OverIT Partners with Pluralsight to Support its Global Expansion through Technology Skills Development

OverIT is working with Pluralsight in a technology skills development programme to speed up its growth strategy and development of new products.

“For more than 20 years, OverIT has shown a strong history of pioneering the adoption of cutting-edge technologies while still maintaining the attitude and courage of a start-up. Our aim is to attract and nurture professionals with world class skills to conceive and develop high-tech products. With this in mind, we have turned to Pluralsight Skills to help our teams build the technology skills they need to build better solutions. Pluralsight Skills is the solution that best fits our need to build a core network of global alliances within our exclusive software development community,” says Matteo Pallaver, Human Resources Director at OverIT.

Using Pluralsight Skills, OverIT has built customised upskilling programs in technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and security. With access to on-demand video courses and hands-on learning experiences taught by the world’s leading experts, OverIT’s technology teams have the necessary tools to develop skills more effectively and at scale.

Additionally, OverIT is using Pluralsight’s Skill IQ to benchmark individuals’ upskilling progress in a new technology and identify the gaps they need to fill to deliver on critical objectives. “One of the most appreciated functions provided by Pluralsight is definitely Skill IQ,” Pallaver added. “This tool allows us to have an objective overview of our own skills so we can find the most appropriate development path, ensuring the right growth margin, for both junior and senior team members.”

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