Kaspersky speeds up regular licence ordering

To speed up the process of renewals and license ordering, Kaspersky has automated its License Management Portal (LMP).

Following the update, Kaspersky’s partners that use regular (annual, non-subscription) licenses can now use LMP for deal registration, renewals and placing new orders. For all these scenarios, the portal suggests a native experience with minimum actions, such as choosing required products from a configurator and making an order by clicking one button. As soon as the request is approved and licenses delivered, the partner receives an email notification to the address provided during the submission. No additional communication with the distributor or vendor is required – the approval process is fully automated and handled by the portal.

A new configurator also enables a more convenient process for selecting products to order. Partners can follow a step-by-step process to choose and build a bundle of different products and services which can both fit together perfectly and increase the value of Kaspersky protection for customers.

View of the LMP dashboard
The updated LMP also simplifies the experience for distributors. While their role remains the same – helping partners with sales expertise, development and financial programs – they can save time on routine approvals, focusing on developing their business. Instead of creating and confirming orders in the vendor’s order management tool, distributors need just one click to confirm order placement via the LMP after checking the partner’s financial terms. The dashboard provides all necessary information about orders from a particular partner as well as the ability to contact Kaspersky or the partner if needed.

We want our partners to be successful, which is why we make it as easy as possible to do business with us. With updates to the License Management Portal, we aim to improve our partners’ experience when it comes to order placement,” comments Kirill Astrakhan, Global Head of Channel, Kaspersky.

The updated LMP is deeply integrated with Kaspersky’s United Partner Portal and allows our partners to instantly place an order for any B2B product, including expiring renewals and approved deal registrations, in just a few clicks. Alongside the LMP, we have also released an update for deal registration which increases the value of Kaspersky security products by offering properly configured product bundles to customers.”

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