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EZVIZ UK’s Simon Buckingham, Brand & Marketing Manager gives his personal view on where the smart tech industry is headed.

“As I look back on previous PCR editions over the years where I have spoken about the market and improvements made in the AI/IoT sector in various articles and opinion pieces, I write this knowing that the progress continues.”

With the pandemic situation has come a need for transformation into advances of technology within Security, technology that has always been there, just perhaps never the need for it just yet or specific legislations.

Moving forward, for example, you will see football stadiums integrating facial recognition terminals as you enter stadiums, automated temperature screening cameras as well as general AI aspects of cameras picking up on human/vehicle shapes to define better notifications and security solutions as well as sensational improvements in both resolution and night vision capabilities. Improved entry solutions to residential and commercial, as well as general public spaces such as events etc. will put people’s minds at ease and encourage a new stage of human/tech relationships.

EZVIZ has taken its products to another level, not just aesthetically but technologically as well, leading the way in features such as Colour Night Vision, further enhancing security to a true detailed 24/7 scenario, AI Human Shape and Vehicle Shape detections, catering for various requirements and needs of the customer. Removing false notifications and informing you of what really matters, in a fast paced lifestyle, this is an important aspect to provide a solution for. We strive to educate our customers via content and support systems to encourage why you need our products and how they benefit your life.

New and improved internet infrastructure being rolled out nationwide (and from space!) will benefit the IoT industry even further, as we have more and more connected devices at home and at work, more opportunity arises for further integration and automation within these kind of environments. Couple with things like Geo-Fencing, recently a feature we added to our app, customers can do things such as have Smart lights turn on when they are near home or if a camera detects motion. This is a basic idea, but adds another dimension to our busy lives and it does not stop there as things like kitchen appliances interact in various IoT systems too. Kettles, washing machines, vacuums, the list continues to grow. The addition a few years back of voice devices such as Alexa/Google Home, allows the Smart market to really take off, people finally got it and understood what is possible, the demand is now there and will continue to grow over the many years to come. More are now accustomed to this new lifestyle approach; we are waiting for the next steps, and with my research recently I can see the path.

Blockchain technology is something I have a great personal interest in, both from an investment perspective as well as general technological interest (I love tech), I see the future where IoT and AI will thrive in this new way to pave the way for a true Smart City approach and enhance our smart home experience to beyond our imagination this coming decade and beyond. IoT and AI has no boundaries, autonomous drones, automated taxi pickups based on your integrated schedules and needs, automatic medical assistance. Whilst we have no application via Blockchain yet, I know of many companies in the AI/IOT industry working hard on this kind of project and I can see many many more joining the revolution as time goes on. Quicker, faster, cheaper, machine to machine learning (M2M) and paving a way for a fully interoperable infrastructure that will benefit every aspect of life and bring all the technologies and products collectively into one streamline that will simply…. Just work. Machine to machine learning, with less and less human interaction as technology develops, will mean a new decentralised system where instead of relying on one server, you will rely on a multitude of servers, if one product fails in your system, another will take over to avoid any reduction in service throughout your home or business, I truly believe that blockchain, AI and IoT will be the future sooner than we think, and it will pave the way for the 4th industrial revolution.

However, for now, with IoT of course comes the Cloud services, not only powering some of these new exciting features in various products, but also the ability to store data such as evidence and playback footage of your cameras. Here at EZVIZ we have a comprehensive Cloud offering with various price points to fit the various needs our customers ask for. Cloud Storage provides a cost effective and full proof solution to ensure you have what you need, when you need it in a highly secure manor. As you know from reading the previous PCR edition about how important privacy and encryption is, we take this aspect very seriously, especially being a security solution company!

Multiple sources suggest the Smart home market in the UK alone being approximately £158 billion, but I believe it will be higher personally with all the factors mentioned in this article as well as all the ones I have not mentioned! Consumer behaviour is changing; education of the sector is accelerating as is the media attention, the requirement for Smart, AI and IoT has even greater demands than ever before. The adoption of Smart home/IoT sector is not catered to any specific age group in my opinion and rightly so, I believe anyone and everyone can and will benefit from further smart adoption.

The next growth having already seen the results of devices such as alexa/google home, will be things like smart HVAC solutions, home and business air conditioning solutions that are in line with latest climate goals and programmes such as Agenda 30, smarter tech will result in the reduction of carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of all aspects, turning things off for us when not in use, adjusting power/heating as and when needed. This coupled with the fact that some technological components are mass produced more than ever before will suggest more can be made cheaper, thus improving pricing for both business and end users like you and I. The pipeline for EZVIZ is very exciting and we will see more and more smart home products enter our portfolio to increase and improve the ever growing and already impressive eco-system.

Mark my words, when it comes to AI and IoT, we haven’t seen anything yet and there is a lot more to come and I look forward to this progressive journey with you all. I know that EZVIZ will continue to push its technology even more in the Smart Security market as well as other areas I cannot wait to look back at this article in the future like I have done with previous ones and discuss how much further we have come between now and then, that goes for the whole smart market in general too. See you in the future!

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