Jade Dragon Series from Absen

Absen launches new transparent LED series

The Jade Dragon (JD) Series from Absen is its latest LED display series.

As a transparent LED display solution, created to be used in windows or to divide spaces, the JD Series features a lightweight 6.5kg design, as well as a thin 10mm thickness and up to 86% transparency.

With brightness of up to 7,000nits and a high refresh rate of 3,840Hz/20,000Hz, advertisers can be assured that content on the JD Series will be eye-catching and bold, and uncompromised by the transparency of the screen. Retailers, meanwhile, will gain the added benefit of windows that can not only provide ample light and visibility for instore products, but also advertise to and attract customers simultaneously.

The standard size of the panels in the series is 1,000mm by 500 mm, but the three models in the series offer alternative sizing and design customisation to meet more creative demands. The models differ in pixel pitch and transparency and can be frame-less if required. The JD10 and the JD16 are capable of over 80% transparency and can be fully customised in shape, down to the LED strip. In addition, customers can choose to install the transparent PC cover for the JD3.9 model, which further protects the panel and prevents dust build-up.

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