Corsight AI enhances core technology

Corsight AI has enhanced its flagship Fortify product. The system’s scalability has been increased to enable rapid searches of databases containing over one million points of interest (POI) in less than ten milliseconds. The technology can now also run concurrently on multiple channels with exhaustive watchlists, allowing for more efficient hardware application and a reduced total cost of ownership.

These latest updates represent a major breakthrough in the facial recognition technology industry and is a notable achievement for Corsight, giving the company the advantage of offering a product that operates to scale more rapidly than any competitor. In addition to tremendously reducing hardware costs and optimising utilisation and processing, the product’s performance is unmatched in enabling customers to operate at the cutting-edge levels required to securely and effectively deploy facial recognition technology.

“The new updates to Fortify allow us to run high-speed, real-time video facial recognition across more extensive watchlists than ever before,” said Ran Vardimon, Ph.D., VP of Research at Corsight. “Previously, this type of system would have required expensive hardware and multiple machines. We’re proud to say that Corsight can now facilitate the process on a single, economical server and offer our customers and partners top of the line performance and cost-efficiency.”

The Fortify technology, which received top rankings by NIST and the US Department of Homeland Security, is able to correctly identify individuals on watchlists even under the most challenging conditions. Despite hindrances such as face coverings and harsh environments, Fortify can match with unrivalled precision and prevents false positive identifications.

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