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PCR June issue tech in education industry round table Q&A: How to get involved?

In the June issue of PCR, which hits desks at the beginning of June we will be running a focus on tech in the education sector.
If you are involved in developing or supplying tech for the education sector then we would like to hear from you?
We will be running am education focused Q&A with the following questions:
1. How important is tech to the education sector and what learning advantages does it offer?
2. What kind of tech do schools and places of education and training require?
3. What impact does not having this tech have on students learning ability?
4. What are the current shortages or shortfalls in regards to tech in education at the moment?
5. What is being done or needs to be done to bridge this divide?
6. Is lack of tech a problem across all education environments or worse so in areas of less fluency?
7. What initiatives or partnerships is the company currently working on to ensure more tech resources are available to the education sector?
8. What tech does the company currently provide for the education sector?
9. How is the education sector using tech as part of learning and development? How does this differ across the different age groups?
10. How can companies look to get involved with local schools to help with tech needs?
Please could we have 100 words per question and an image of the commentator?
Deadline is 8th May.
Please send responses to: Michelle Winny

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