SONOC’s programmable APIs enable users to build voice and messaging management solutions

SONOC has launched programmable APIs to give users greater control over their OSS/BSS and switching services.

“The launch of APIs is a game changer for OTTs, Carriers and Service Providers. They no longer have to deploy a platform and work by the vendor’s rules. We are presenting our capabilities and enabling them to build and optimize solutions that meet their specific needs. This changes the dynamics of the OSS/BSS market and will accelerate innovation in back-office systems,” said Luis Benavente, CEO at SONOC. “Almost every capability on the SONOC platform can be accessed via API and quickly deployed by IT teams within a telco’s organization. This is about removing the barriers between OSS/BSS and switching platforms and their users. The future really is programmable.”

SONOC allows users to quickly and efficiently manage and optimize their businesses with a user-friendly set of modular tools, reports and capabilities. It combines OSS/BSS, anti-fraud solutions, traffic monitoring, analytics, and SBC and switching in a single seamless platform. Voice and messaging service providers gain a customizable platform that they can shape to meet their business objectives.

“Traditional wholesale voice and messaging management is a closed system that typically cannot be adapted to meet the needs of an individual organization. That’s an out-of-date model. It no longer matches the open and software-centric needs of our users. SONOC’s API-First approach enables telcos to automate and accelerate more of their processes at the pace they want to move,” said Craig Phillips VP of Product Management at SONOC. “IT teams gain a set of tools that they can use to create the solutions they need.”

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