PCR May issue State of the security industry Q&A: How to get involved

In the May issue PCR will be running a state of the security industry Q&A.

If you would like to add your input then please send responses to the below questions:

1. Please can you explain a bit more about the company and the products and services it offers?
2. What is the current state of the security industry in your opinion?
3. What are the key challenges or threats affecting the channel?
4. What industrial sectors are experiencing increased threat and challenges of cyber security?
5. Are there any new threats that have emerged recently? If so what and how have these come about?
6. What advice would you give to the tech channel to help safeguard their business?
7. What new threats or challenges is the consumer industry facing in regards to cyber security?
8. How can businesses look to simplify their security infrastructure to manage all endpoints and areas that could come under attack?
9. Just how sophisticated are the attacks becoming, who are these attackers?
10. What future threats should companies be aware of and how can businesses ensure they have means of protection?
We will ned about 100 words per question and the dedaline is 30th March.

Read the latest edition of PCR’s monthly magazine below:

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