Celonis’ Execution Management System

Celonis’ new Execution Management System (EMS) is designed to eliminate system complexity as it sits on top of processes and systems and unlocks capacity in real time. It does this by drawing data from underlying systems and identifying and measuring capacity barriers. It then provides knowledge, actions, and automations to systematically remove these constraints. 

 In finance and administration, the average touchless invoice rate is only 27%, where Celonis EMS customers often achieve 90%. In the supply chain, the average on-time delivery rate is only at 43% while Celonis EMS customers can achieve more than 95%. In customer service, the average Net Promoter Score is 32, compared to a score that is more than double for Celonis EMS customers who regularly achieved scores of more than 70.

“We are experiencing our generation’s version of the industrial revolution, where every process and business function is being refactored to compete and execute in this new world,” said Alex Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis. “However, executives in even the best run businesses still struggle with removing system barriers, and that’s why we delivered our new Celonis Execution Management System.”

 “The Celonis EMS enables customers to take the next step to unlock execution capacity in every facet of their business. Celonis customers are regularly seeing performance gains that result in a 5x return on investment in less than 90 days,” said Rinke.

“With Celonis, business transparency is really just the starting point — it’s important to understand where you have gaps in your processes, but the true power is the ability to move quickly to action, execution, and ultimately transformation,” said Jana Vondran, SVP Global Business Services, Ingram Micro. “We use the Celonis Execution Management System within our Global Business Services group of more than 3,000 associates where it helps us optimise and automate transactional processes, so our employees can focus on value-driving execution.”

 New additions and updates include:
Celonis Execution Instruments: Formerly known as process mining analytics applications, Celonis has more than 170 instruments that enable process professionals to measure their current execution capacity and identify execution gaps. 

 Celonis Execution Applications: Formerly known as Operational Applications, available Celonis Execution Applications include: Celonis Opportunity Management, Celonis Accounts Payable, Celonis Accounts Receivable. These data driven applications measure execution capacity in real time, know which execution gaps have the biggest business impact, and provide the best-in-class actions to remove these barriers. Celonis Execution Applications can both automate routine decisions and activate the right people to take hands-on actions. 

 Celonis Studio: The new Celonis development studio allows ecosystem partners and customers to create Execution Instruments and Applications. Celonis also unveiled the first Execution Applications built by partners, Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Value Mining by Camelot, Controls Excellence by Protiviti and Value Added Tax (VAT) Control by Zailution, which all can be found in the Celonis EMS Store. 

 Celonis also announced the acquisition of Integromat, an online automation system.

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