Simon Buckingham, DNA Studios’ newly appointed, Head of Marketing

Creating the home security matrix

Simon Buckingham, Brand & Marketing Manager, EZVIZ UK discusses the impact IoT has had on home security and the array of offerings now available as part of an integrated home automation infrastructure.

In an ever changing world, it sometimes calls for ever evolving products and services. More than ever products need to stand out from the crowd, not necessarily aesthetically but majorly in the technical aspect for sure. So where are we now compared to a few years ago?

The Smart Home Security market has an abundance of product offerings in todays market, when I wrote an opinion piece a couple of years ago it was more around the UK adopting Smart Home in general with limited amounts of brands and products to choose from, fast forward to 2020 and the race is on to take market share and deliver what customers demand, as well as what I have already mentioned above, aiming to stand out and be known.

Customer expectation has risen massively with this journey, the demand and requirement to deliver even better quality and even more features for the best value is highly sought after. I can only speak for ourselves here at EZVIZ but we are delivering on the next generation of Security products, not just for the future, but for now as well.

AI Technology is something I spoke about in previous articles, we now see more and more of this application implemented into low and middle entry level, as well as the high end now when you look at the market offerings of smart security camera products at consumer level. To say the competition and demand is fierce is an understatement. Many now have superb ability to integrate elements such as Artificial Intelligence with Human and Vehicle Detection, Fall Detection and many others uses as we enter the next couple of years of exciting industry developments and technologies. AI in the smart home industry allows products to be more accurate and cutting edge, as we move more into a cloud and digital based world, the supremacy of some of this technology is truly inspiring.

The further developments and integrations with other products such as Door Locks, Smart Curtains/Blinds, Security Alarms and others, mean that right now a customer can pretty much complete their Smart Home Eco-system in the coming years. Reiterating before what I said about standing out, this is highly important to engage with consumers and build further the brand engagement and loyalty. Indeed, another race to have one brands’ app, instead of several.

Security cameras
Another aspect you will see more of in Security cameras specifically is colour night vision, both indoor and outdoor options. Products such as the EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Camera whereby you have a dual-lens camera capable of producing Full Colour Night Vision in very low light conditions, coupled with some of the AI technologies mentioned above already, as well as features such as customisable voice alerts to help deter or give instruction to those that breach your detection areas, you really do begin to get a lot more for your money to feed the feature hungry audience out there. Protecting your home or premises is very important, and when you have a product that can not only monitor, but deter as well, you have a great smart home guardian.

Clarity is also key, for potential evidence building and obtaining the best detail possible for your monitoring needs. You will see vast developments in both indoor and outdoor offerings with higher resolution levels such as 4MP and 5MP becoming standard features over the coming years, again giving consumers the best possible products and features for their money.

All of this technology combined delivers that “peace of mind” message we strive for. Whether you are in the house more, away for work or on holiday, all of these features help in one way or another to achieve this.

It was only a matter of time before Smart Home Security really took off, with the arrival of devices such as Google Home Hubs and Alexa Voice devices, the combination of other security products and smart home devices, there came a catalyst and nurtured reasoning behind why a customer may need a smart home, and what does a Smart home deliver for you to help aid your fast paced lives. There are of course so many applications of Smart Home, with IoT, kitchen appliances, smart robotics and more, in higher demand now, one thing is for sure, the Smart Security Tech industry is on the cusp of some very exciting developments to push even harder in an ever changing smart home and smart world.

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