Aznu launches in the UK transforming refurbished mobile handset market offering

Aznu, a newly formed refurbished tech company  (read more about in PCR’s September/October’s issue focus on refurbished tech), is a new mobile brand on the block. With stock sold via retail outlet, Argos, the premium range of Aznu Samsung S devices will be available to purchase for a pocket-friendly price.  The company guarantees its refurbished phones are free from any scratches, scuffs, dents or marks, have all the original manufacturers parts and come with a year-long warranty! In addition, purchasing a refurbished handset is better for the environment – saving it from becoming landfill!

What’s different about Aznu?
Aznu was devised by mobile industry experts in response to customer demand created by a lack of consistency in the market. Aznu’s aim is to deliver a single premium standard, and meet customer expectation to fill this gap in the second life refurbished tech market.

Aznu handset all come with a 12 months warranty, with the battery being covered by a 6 months warranty as all rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. A handsets’ batteries health will vary based on how it’s used as well as the settings and the charging regime. All Aznu devices come with batteries with a minimum of 85% of their original life.

 What’s the deal?
Aznu will offer a range of Samsung S series mobile phones available exclusively from Argos.  Inside the Aznu branded box, comes the Samsung phone of your choice. The handset looks like a new device and even has all the original manufacturers parts including the battery, screen and casing. Aznu Samsung devices are much cheaper compared to a brand new device, but does vary depending on the model and marketplace.

Aznu offers a 12 months warranty on the device but the battery warrenty is covered for just 6 months, all rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. Your batteries health will vary based on how you use it as well as the settings and your charging regime. All Aznu devices come with batteries with a minimum of 85% of their original life

Why buy an Aznu handset?
With many more consumers avoiding lengthy and expensive contracts by purchasing handsets outright and opting for sim only service offerings there is increasing demand for more afforble options, which are offered by the refurbished tech market such as those offered by Aznu.

Aznu points out that, if a consumer is out of contract, but doesn’t renegotiate and still pays the same each month, they’re effectively paying for the handset again – they need to stop immediately. A consumer should never just settle for the same plan, provider and price each year.

Better for the environment
Using a smartphone for longer, or re-using is the easiest way to reduce the environmental impact of phones.  Refurbished handsets reduce carbon emissions and resource demands that are associated with the manufacturing of new phones. In addition, buying an Aznu handset saves it from going into landfill. Aznu takes sustainability seriously from the handset refurbish process to its packaging design which is also completely recyclable.

For Aznu’s business development manager Stephen Smith it’s about recognising inconsistency and being able to bridge this gap, “We launched Aznu to give a second life to handsets and offer customers a fully working handset, that looks great, at an affordable price. The refurbished market is growing but it has issues, Aznu is making a stand and delivering ‘as new’ models to its customers.  No more grading, no more confusion, just great handsets that enable you to take those perfect images on an undamaged camera and continue to enjoy gaming and movie streaming and social media interaction on a clear, unscratched screen.”

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