8 Intelligence-Driven Health and Safety Approaches to Adapting Operations

Alan Stoddard, VP & GM, Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions discusses 8 emerging features of intelligence-driven platforms that are allowing organisations to centralie communication and information sharing, implement new processes and enhance overall situational awareness.

For many businesses, the initial steps towards reopening after the disruptions caused by the global health crisis have already been taken. Yet, due to the unprecedented circumstances that the pandemic has caused, organisations in all markets are asking, “How do we ensure business continuity while protecting all employees, visitors, property and assets?” Taking on a new approach that balances operational continuity with workplace health and safety begins by adapting security strategies and leveraging intelligent platforms in agile ways.

First Step: Identifying Mission-Critical Challenges
Deploying intelligent technologies to take control and protect what matters most at the workplace begins with targeting how to overcome complex challenges after a major disruption. From what businesses appear to be experiencing, these typically include process interruption, productivity decline, delays in executive decision-making, discordant software and technologies, increased risk of criminal activity, a snowballing potential for miscommunication and simply a lack of incident management and response plans.

Although most businesses are facing these multifaceted problems, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or return-to-work strategy. Companies must evaluate their uniquely distributed threat environment as well as business continuity risks. Only then will minimizing operational disruption start to take shape, and a technology-centric, scalable approach can be utilized to establish innovative methods of protecting everyone at an organization, optimizing workplace functions and managing unpredictable threats.

1) Rapid Mobile Communication
Through leveraging smart devices and wireless networks over iOS and Android applications, a platform that enables real-time mobile communication allows an unlimited number of departments to remain connected no matter the location. Advanced platforms permit users to share locations, photos, videos, and even talk with two-way audio. It’s crucial to communicate broadly when processes or protocols change, and with a centralized platform that aggregates all communications, it’s much easier to engage directly and consistently with specific users, select groups or an entire organisation.

2) Health Check-Ins and Pre-Screening
With integrated mobile communication available through a single platform, collecting user-submitted information for wellness checks and symptom tracking turns into a streamlined process. Security management is able to perform remote health checks to aid in pre-screening issues before employees or visitors arrive. Also, secure two-way communication enables intermittent check-ins using health status questionnaires that will not only identify irregularities and at-risk individuals, but also instill confidence throughout the workforce.

3) Access Management
Providing the right access approvals is key to ensuring the safety of everyone at the workplace and their extended communities. Integrated access management has the power to unite QR coding access control and specialized third party systems, which will expedite check-in.

4) Centralised Record Keeping
Day-to-day operations often involve strategic and disciplined record keeping to protect private information. Due to the need for businesses to stay in compliance with new and fluctuating regulations and guidelines, utilizing an intelligent platform that can serve as the centralized documentation center will provide a refreshing new system of filing vital information—and some peace of mind amidst bouncing back from a health crisis.

5) Simplified Reporting
Similarly, implementing unique workplace processes requires accurate reporting to back it up. An intelligent, integrated software solution makes that possible. Functionalities can easily be included to help generate essential reporting with pertinent information and data, which can also be tied into advanced analytics systems, affording security management and operational staff with enhanced situational awareness. In sum, predetermined and customized reporting becomes a direct lifeline to any operation center.

6) Protected Information
If businesses are collecting and storing ongoing health information and other personal data through various forms of communication, it’s extremely important to ensure all traces of that information are encrypted and protected at all times. Intelligent software based in a cloud environment typically administers stringent privacy rules, keeping user identities and all gathered information securely stored.

7) Monitoring Employees and Visitors
Whether it’s ensuring proper compliance or overseeing the check-in and health screening process, organizations need to ensure all staff and visitors to a facility are monitored, including temperature screening, location tracking and potentially exposure notifications. Robust health and safety solutions can integrate with most leading video management systems and connect to device-based cameras to identify, evaluate and track incidents or unsafe situations.

8) Connecting with Emergency Responders
Lastly, any incident management system using intelligent software isn’t fully optimized without a direct connection to security teams and local emergency responders, including 911. Protecting everyone at a facility—regardless of the size—when an incident threatens their health and safety requires rapid and accurate alerts to field responders, reinforced by situational awareness and interactive communications.

Despite the devastating impact felt across virtually every industry, implementing measures to mitigate risks and reform operations to tackle mission-critical challenges is indeed achievable. Following any kind of disruptive event, one proactive response is key for your business to move forward: leveraging the insight to adapt with intelligent solutions to ensure operational integrity, sophisticated incident management and improved workplace health and safety.

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