Outdated security concerns for consumers as number of connected devices in UK homes is set to surge

Mesh WiFi systems provider, NETGEAR has released figures highlighting the importance of upgrading home networks to keep pace with the rapid growth of smart home and IoT devices in the home.

The number of IoT devices in UK homes is increasing at a rapid rate. According to a new study from Aviva[1], the average home in the UK now has 10.3 connected devices which is more than 286 million[2] nationally. However, with many consumers still relying on outdated or ISP-supplied WiFi routers, this explosion in internet-connected devices will overwhelm many WiFi routers.

Consumers are spending thousands on smartphones, smart TVs and other connected devices, but then pairing them with cheap and antiquated WiFi router technology. Not only will an outdated WiFi router severely limit the performance of smart home devices, but the growing number of devices will quickly cause them to become overloaded.

Strong growth for smart home tech

By 2025, reports estimate that there will be 75 billion Internet connected devices worldwide – a five-fold increase in ten years[3]. Combined with the increased prevalence of home-working as a result of local and national lockdown restrictions, the demands on home internet connections has never been higher, and is only set to grow.

According to the Online Nation 2020 report[4] by Ofcom, nearly six-in-ten UK homes now have a smart TV. This is up from 42% two years ago. More than a fifth (22%) of UK adults have a smart speaker in the home. And, according to The State of the Connected Home report[5], three out of five (60%) of UK consumers own at least one smart home device.

Currently, 30% of UK consumers own five or more connected devices[6], and with the rapid growth that is projected to occur over the next three years, now is the ideal time to upgrade.

Mesh WiFi becomes affordable

The most demanding consumers, and those with very large homes, are still best served by premium mesh WiFi systems, such as the market-leading NETGEAR Orbi WiFi 6[7]. This state-of-the-art WiFi solution provides coverage up to 6000 sq. ft and speeds of up to 6 Gbps to 60 or more devices.

However, it is also now possible to vastly upgrade your home WiFi with solutions, such as the new Nighthawk MK63[8]. This affordable mesh WiFi 6 system delivers reliable coverage up to 3,250 sq. ft, and speeds of up to 1.8 Gbps to 25 or more connected devices.

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