Crowdfunding Corner: Orbitkey Nest, MAD Gaze watch, Black Shark Ophidian gaming earbuds, Clicbot robot

With so much talent in the channel, it can be difficult to sift out the freshest gear and potential tech giants of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the curve with PCR’s Crowdfunding Corner.

Orbitkey Nest

(pictured above)

Orbitkey Nest is a portable desk organiser designed to help you declutter and be more productive and efficient.

The Nest features a wireless charging port embedded in the lid, which works with a variety of devices. It also has the ability to separate the top tray from the internal storage, making it truly portable.

Movable dividers allow you to customise compartments to suit your specific needs, and there’s even space in the lid to store cards you don’t use often to free up space in your wallet.

Also included is an elastic pouch for smaller items that tend to go astray, as well as a pen loop.

“At Orbitkey, we believe that life’s better when everything has its place. Which is why we designed Nest – to help you spend less time searching through mess looking for things, and more time on things that matter,” say its makers.

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MAD Gaze Watch

Smartwatches and mobile phones have powerful features that we rely on throughout our day but they can be inconvenient to use while on the go, points out MAD Gaze, makers of a new smartwatch aiming to combat this problem.

The MAD Gaze Watch lets users conveniently control their digital lives with simple hand, wrist, and finger gestures to trigger apps, photos, music, and many other smart features.

The MAD Gaze Watch is powered by advanced hand gesture controls that can be fully customised for any watch function. For instance, tapping a surface, snapping different fingers, turning your wrist, or simply tapping the back of your hand can trigger different actions such as taking pictures, answering and declining phone calls, playing music, controlling volume, setting timers, sharing locations.

MAD Gaze Watch also works as an accurate gesture control device for playing games in AR and VR using advanced motion sensing.

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Black Shark Ophidian Gaming Earbuds

With premium tech and distinctive design inspired by mechanical art, Black Shark Ophidian aims to redefine the way gaming earbuds are made. Finely tuned acoustics, RGB lights, and more than 14+ hours of playback time on a single charge, make Black Shark Ophidian a great choice for long gaming sessions.

Thanks to world-renowned Knowles balanced armature drivers, a 10mm moving coil, and LHDC with a bandwidth that is 3x larger than most Bluetooth earphones, Black Shark Ophidian promises to deliver a premium listening experience.

Black Shark Ophidian has a uniquely low latency of 50+ms. This allows for the audio to always sync with the device. Whether it’s gaming, music, or video, you’re able to hear everything in the same instant it happens on your screen with no lags or stutters.

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Clicbot Educational Robot

Clicbot is your family’s newest friend. He listens, he thinks, and he even reacts. Makers Jainbo insist his personality is “contagious”, and his playful design “makes him even more lovable”.

Clicbot’s character and personality were designed by Carlos Baena, an award winning designer. The result is a robot with a personality that adjusts depending on how you build and code him – each setup (and there are more than 1,000 setups) has its own unique combination of use cases.

Clicbot has more than 200 reactions, like nuzzling up to you when you pet him, trying to find you when you cover his eye, and getting excited when you put him in the charging station. There are two setups with predefined personalities according to their specific set ups.

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