Crowdfunding Corner: Circular Smart Ring, Rocketbook Orbit, Flash Powerbank, GLAMOS

With so much talent in the channel, it can be difficult to sift out the freshest gear and potential tech giants of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the curve with PCR’s Crowdfunding Corner.

Circular Smart Ring

(pictured above)

Circular is the smart ring that claims to combine style with cutting edge technology to “empower you to be more energetic and productive”. On the outside, Circular is sleek, seamless, and discreet. On the inside, it’s powered by advanced mechanical customisation and intuitive AI.

“When it comes to user experience, we’ve made no compromises,” says makers Circular. “The result? A seamless experience that works for you day and night.”

Circular never sleeps, but insists you’ll sleep better. That’s because Circular synthesizes and analyses your body signals (night and day) for unique recommendations and advanced wellness correlations to improve your well-being.

You can also get real-time, personalised recommendations, control your ring, visualise your progress, meet (and compete with) your wellness community, and get impactful recommendations through the Circular app.

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Rocketbook Orbit Reusable Notepad

The Rocketbook Orbit is an endlessly reusable, customisable, cloud-connected pen and paper notepad.

The Orbit utilises customised “Page Packs” that can be removed from the pad. The technology uses a magnetic base and has stainless steel rings attached to every pack of Rocketbook pages that can be lifted off the Orbit, flipped 360 degrees, and changed out for a brand new mission.

The Orbit uses patented Rocketbook reusable pen and paper technology and is forged with a hard plastic composite with a textured synthetic outer layer so the vessel that protects your notes will last for lightyears to come.

Rocketbook’s patented technology means the Rocketbook Orbit is designed for endless reusability. First, use any Pilot FriXion product on your Rocketbook Orbit pages for a traditional handwriting experience. Then, simply use a damp cloth to wipe your pages clean again and again.

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Flash: World’s Most Powerful 150W USB-C Powerbank

Flash has not just one USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 port but an additional 2 USB-A ports and even a wireless charging pad.

It promises to deliver the most powerful USB-C 100W Power Delivery 3.0 charge in a single battery pack while most of the competition struggles to even reach 60W. It also comes with a powerful 18W USB-A Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port and a specially designed USB-A port that’s compatible with Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo’s proprietary fast charge technology.

To top this off, Flash features a powerful 10W wireless fast charge pad and it even supports 2.5W Apple Watch charge meaning one powerbank can charge all your devices including all smartphones with wireless and even Apple Airpods/Airpods Pro.

To save your even more time, Flash supports pass through charging so you can charge your devices and Flash at the same time through a single power outlet.

For more information visit: flashpowerbank/x#/

GLAMOS: Bring Your Touchless Screens To Life

Glamos is a motion sensor that creates a virtual touchscreen anywhere. Connect it with your device and turn your screens instantly interactive. Project an invisible touchscreen near you and control a device that’s far away from you.

Glamos uses its rotating mirror module to scan its surroundings. It measures the distance between the objects and itself, transforms the data into a touch coordinate, and sends the coordinate to a display screen (like your smartphone or laptop).

Whereas most other sensors detect motions within a small range, Glamos automatically scales the size of the virtual touchscreen. The screen can be as small as your smartphone screen or as big as 6 x 3ft.

Project a virtual touchscreen literally anywhere you want: on your wall, on the air, on a whiteboard – you name it. Connect Glamos with your phone then project the phone screen on a bigger screen using an HDMI cable.

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