Crowdfunding Corner: Fingerbot, InCharge 6, Mutrics GB-30, HyperJuice

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Upgrading your house to the convenience of home automation is a daunting task. Different protocols and different compatibilities for every device or appliance makes the transition difficult. Replacing all the existing appliances with IoT devices is possible, but it is extremely costly. Imagine if there was a way to enjoy the benefits of customised smart home automation at a fraction of the cost… that’s where Fingerbot comes in.

Fingerbot is the world’s smallest robot which can remotely and mechanically control all the buttons, switches, and toggles anywhere in your home through voice and app. A quick, simple and affordable way to retrofit your existing devices into IoT devices.

With a modular design, you can replace the robot arm to adapt a button, touch screen, wall switch, wall toggle and more with the Fingerbot Tool Pack. So now you can control your fan, kettle, coffee machine, and almost any traditional appliances remotely.

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InCharge 6

The inCharge 6 claims to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of cables. This single cable offers the ability to charge all of your devices – whether they use USB, USB-C, Micro USB or Lightning.

The cable itself promises to be able to withstand daily life, and features a metal housing for stability and a cable guard to prevent wire damage.

Designed in Switzerland, the inCharge 6 is available in gold, white and grey. And for those needing a longer cable, the inCharge 6 Max offers up a 5ft (1.5m) cable.

In addition, if you have a smartphone with a USB-C input, you can use its battery power to charge your other devices via the inCharge 6.

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Mutrics GB-30

Mutrics GB-30 is the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are specially designed for video gamers. Its striking design, open-ear audio, advanced surround sound system and anti-blue light lenses combine to deliver gamers unparalleled sound experience as well as ear and eye comfort and protection for longtime video gaming.

Mutrics GB-30 uses open-ear audio technology to transfer stereo sound to your inner ear without the use of earbuds. Playing video games with Mutrics GB-30 for prolonged periods does not make your ears feel any discomfort or soreness. It leaves your ears unplugged so you are still able to hear and interact with the world around you when playing video games.

Mutrics GB-30’s near-field surround sound system transforms your game experience to virtual 5.1 on your mobile devices, delivering you rich, immersive and true-to-life sound. You are able to capture the slightest changes in the surrounding sound and pinpoint the enemy’s position to dominate the most intense, fierce matches.

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HyperJuice is the world’s first 100W GaN USB-C charger. The size of a credit card, the device can quickly charge four devices (2x USB- C, 2x USB-A) at the same time.

100W power provides the ability to quickly charge a laptop (such as a MacBook Pro), a tablet or iPad, a smartphone, and any mobile device such as AirPods or a smartwatch – all at the same time.

With 100W Dual USB-C power delivery, a single HyperJuice charger can also power two laptops simultaneously.

HyperJuice utilises the industry-leading Navitas GaNFast NV6117 Power IC to miniaturise components normally found in traditional chargers. The new Gallium Nitride semiconductor material allows for power devices that can operate at higher voltages and switching frequency which results in smaller and more efficient chargers.

HyperJuice also supports worldwide universal 100-240V voltage and comes with UK/EU/AU pin converters so that it can be used in virtually any country.

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