In My Team: NFON UK

We find out about NFON UK’s new Cloudya telephony solution and how the cloud is making it possible to streamline the delivery of data and voice.

Who makes up the NFON UK team?

Across our London and (new) Manchester office we now have 40+ members of staff. The five-strong marketing team is headed up by Chris Selby-Rickards and is based in London.

What projects are the team currently working on?

Last year we launched our newly-developed telephony solution, Cloudya, which provides an integrated user interface via one single login. It’s an important milestone in the history of the NFON Group. It is laying the foundation for dynamic and constant development on the way to comprehensive UCaaS offerings from NFON AG – including screen sharing, chat and video. It’s a strategic focus for the business, so we are working hard to promote the product across conferences and partner events.

What are the biggest challenges in the cloud telephony sector at the moment and how is NFON overcoming them?

Historically it was about education – cloud telephony was a new concept so we needed to educate the market. However, in the last five years there has been a marked adoption of cloud-hosted telephony solutions. Put simply, just as cloud computing has changed the world of data, it is now doing the same with voice. The cloud makes it possible to streamline the delivery of data and voice and, crucially, enable organisations to have what they really want – one supplier for their voice and data.

What does the company have planned for the rest of the year and beyond?

Cloudya is an ongoing strategic focus, but we also see huge opportunities in the contact centre market with our Ncontactcenter proposition. New digital channels and touchpoints are quickly emerging, changing the way consumers interact with brands. Digitisation has become vital to succeeding in a highly-competitive market, and the most straightforward way towards digital excellence points directly to cloud technology.

Of course, it’s our job to promote our products and engage our partners in a fun and innovative way. We have some great campaigns planned, including the launch of a ’take your pick’ game whereby we are sending actual boxes to partner offices and when they hit targets the best performing salesperson can open one up and win a huge prize!

And finally, who in the team makes the best cuppa?

Now that we have our new fancy coffee machine (talk about staff investment!) it is all about the cappuccinos for us!

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