Microsoft shifts focus to Edge

Microsoft is internally putting a greater emphasis on its Edge web browser and moving resources away from Windows 10 app development.

According to a report from, the decision comes in the wake of last week’s restructuring. The biggest talking point from that restructure was that for the first time since the 1980s there will be no dedicated Windows team. The latest news is that Microsoft is moving the development teams from some of its first-party apps to the Edge team.

The move has largely been received positively and would appear to line up the the company’s shift to enterprise users. And, to be honest, nobody really uses those first party ‘bloatware’ anyway so it’s unlikely that many consumers will really mind if apps like this fade away. 

Edge, however, is the default browser on Windows and will be the first web experience for many on their new computers. It makes sense that Microsoft would want to make that experience as positive as possible before users shift over to other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox which outmuscle Edge in features, power and market share.

But for every Stocks or Weather app, more widely used ones like Mail and Calendar are also likely to be losing developers. The initial reports says that it’s not clear at this point whether "those two apps have a higher priority because of their usage at this time"

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