CES 2018: power outage causes internet to lose its marbles

You might have be able to cut your finger on all the tech on the show floor, but Wednesday at CES was marred by a power cut that briefly plunged the show into darkness. 

The North and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center were devoid of power for close to two hours on Wednesday afternoon, with first reports emerging at around 11:15am local time. 

As you’d expect, twitter lit up as the lights went down, with some noting the ‘eeriness’ of the situation:

While others made light of the situation, with playful jabs at the apparent irony of the world’s busiest tech show running out of power:

But don’t worry, plenty of companies took advantage of the blackout to promote their products:

Power eventually started to come back into the affected halls at around 1pm, with the show’s organisers, the CTA, saying: "A preliminary assessment indicates that condensation from heavy rainfall caused a flashover on one of the facility’s transformers. We are grateful to NV Energy for their swift assistance, to our customers and their clients for their patience and to the staff for ensuring the safety and security of all attendees and exhibitors.”

Hundreds of companies were hit by the outage, ranging from giants like Samsung and Sony to smaller startups that had forked out a small fortune to be on the show floor. This wasn’t the first unexpected stoppage to the show’s flow, with Google’s huge funhouse booth being closed by flooding. Good thing the Pixel 2 is waterproof.

Not exactly the kind of disruption we were hoping from out of CES.

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