Three quarters of UK businesses are losing money by using old tech

‘Technophobia’ is losing thousands of UK companies money each year. Despite 23 per cent of UK businesses claiming to save anywhere between £5,000 and £100,000 a year when using modern collaboration software, three quarters (72 per cent) are still using old fashioned and outdated desk phone, according to Timico.

The cloud service provider’s study The Collaborative Landscape found that a fifth of UK organisations have some form of collaborative technology in place such as audio and video conferencing, and live chat but only 9 per cent of employees are actively using it to full effect. Over a third fear the technology, fuelled by a lack of training and leadership support.

Meanwhile over half of executives (57 per cent) admitted that the workforce is slow to use collaborative technology because they ‘don’t understand it’. Some 46 per cent blame poor training for the slow uptake, while a third feel it is directly due to poor management support.

Fear and fear of change is however the most worrying reason for a slow uptake in time – and cost – saving technology. Some 43 per cent of those surveyed said that stubbornness is a barrier to adoption and 38 per cent put it down to fear. Those most likely to embrace collaborative technology are Gen Z’ers according to a third of executives, with Gen Y’s closely followed at 32 per cent and Baby Boomers lagging behind at 12 per cent.

Communication key to adoptionColin Riddle, Head of Products & Services at Timico, said: “It’s clear from our findings that there is a real disconnect in terms of perception and reality when it comes to collaborative technology in the workplace. Lack of proper training is stopping true collaboration. Organisations need to have a long-term strategy in place, actively supported by the board, with regular education seminars for employees on the increased productivity and cost benefits of using collaborative technology, while internally appointed ‘Collaboration Gurus’ in the business can help employees positively embrace change and eliminate fear on how and when to use it.”

He added: “The digital workplace enables employees to work faster, more productively and efficiently than ever before, and it is a no.1 priority for businesses to get on board and empower their workforce through the effective use of collaborative tools to gain a competitive edge.“

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