IoT uptake threatened by connectivity issues

The IoT revolution is about to hit full-throttle: or so we have been repeatedly told to believe. In reality, it appears that connectivity challenges may derail the full uptake of IoT, particularly in the logistics sector. According to 100 global logistics companies surveyed as part of Inmarsat’s report on The Future of IoT in Enterprise, connectivity issues are preventing IoT ambitions from becoming a reality.

The research suggests that while 96 per cent of transportation and logistics organisations believe that the success of their IoT deployments is based on reliable ubiquitous connectivity, many businesses are still struggling to access the connectivity they need. As many as 40 per cent identified connectivity issues as one of the biggest challenges facing their IoT deployments, with only IoT skills (54 per cent) and the integration of IoT technology (43 per cent) seen as more problematic. Worryingly, 28 per cent stated that connectivity issues threatened to derail their IoT deployments before they had even begun.

Mike Holdsworth, director of Transport at Inmarsat Enterprise said: “In an increasingly inter-connected world, more cargo is moving through more geographies and more modes of transport to reach its destinations. This increasing complexity brings with it new risks and uncertainties, and creates a pressing need for logistics businesses to increase their visibility over the supply chain and make efficiencies, which is where IoT can help.

“If you can monitor cargo from its point of production to its point of delivery, you can cut down on wastage, understand and adapt levels of supply and ensure security. With a combination of IoT sensor technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification tags, Bluetooth Low Energy and Low Power Wide Area Networks the movement of goods and things can become more efficient.”

He added: “Working with our partners, Inmarsat L-band services provide global satellite connectivity with up to 99.9 per cent uptime for efficient, global solutions for fleet and cargo management across road, rail and sea. We combine our expertise in critical communications with cellular and terrestrial connectivity, LoRaWAN technology and data analytics platforms to enable the connected world. With our global connectivity solutions, we are enabling IoT projects to thrive, even in the most remote and hostile environments, providing transportation companies with the reliable end-to-end connectivity they require to move into the fourth industrial revolution.” 

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