Samsung mocks 10 years of inferior iPhones

Korean tech giant Samsung has launched a new ad campaign poking fun at Apple, prompting users to ‘Upgrade to Galaxy’.

Riding off the publicity from the iPhone X launch last week, Samsung has capitalised on the buzz by highlighting that it has, in its opinion, been making superior phones for the past decade. The video shows off the Galaxy’s history of features ranging from its stylus and camera quality to waterproofing and wireless charging. 

This isn’t the first time that the company has run an advert attacking the iPhone. Samsung previously released a series of videos in 2014 entitled ‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius’ that make fun of the company’s recent announcement. Unfortunately said adverts have now been taken down by the vendor.

Through the video, a user is shown queuing up for the first iPhone back in 2007, all the way through to labouring with an awkward looking headphone dongle with the iPhone 7 before ending up with a Galaxy.

It may seem a bit rich for Samsung to tout superior build quality as a reason for shifting over to Galaxy given the debacle that surrounded the Galaxy Note 7 last year and its exploding battery, but how you feel about the ad is likely to be down to where your mobile allegiances lie.

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