Prioritising print security

With cyber security a concern for many businesses, Brother UK‘s Senior Business Manager, Frazer Whitehead, looks at why protecting print solutions should not be overlooked. 

The recent global ‘ransomware’ attack provided a stark reminder to business leaders that cyber security should be their number one priority. Given the sensitive information handled by many companies, quality encryption and security needs to be of the highest standard and print devices are no exception.

Businesses need to be able to trust their systems to protect them against a security breach. Resellers play an increasingly important role in helping customers assess their needs, highlighting key product features and guiding them on services that will offer them full protection.

Protecting the network

The cyber security threat has grown in recent years, with hackers becoming more and more sophisticated. Any cloud-based device is at risk, so endpoint security is absolutely vital. While multifunction printers are convenient, they can be just as susceptible to viruses and hackers as computers. Many organisations fail to realise this, often placing emphasis on securing smartphones, laptops and desktops instead. This provides an opportunity for channel partners to act as educators and recommend printers that have features to help secure and protect their customer’s confidential information and business networks.

Hardware features

Hard disk encryption is an extra layer of security that channel partners can highlight to their customers. At Brother, our standard security features cover authentication, network encryption, scanning and workflow, but this isn’t the case for all vendors across the board. 

If the business also requires the use of mobile printers, resellers can suggest encrypting internal hard drives and removable SD cards, as these are also susceptible to security breaches.

Working in partnership

In many businesses, anybody can access the settings on print devices, allowing them full access to sensitive information. The only personnel who should have this level of access is the IT manager – but that’s not always the case. Channel partners can offer security assessments and managed print services to help tackle this. The monitoring and adjustment of print systems, coupled with a tailored security plan, will reassure customers their information is safe.

With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated, SMBs will increasingly rely on resellers to help guide them. Channel partners can work alongside customers to add value to their systems, and provide them with the peace of mind that they’re protected. 

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