Mixed Reality gets closer to home with Dell and Acer headsets

‘Mixed reality’ is a bit of an odd concept. Most people have got their heads around the idea of augmented reality (even if they don’t know that’s what it is called) thanks to Pokemon Go, and virtual reality is already in homes around the world with over one million PlayStation VR HMDs sold and Google Cardboard headsets being commonplace on the highstreet. Mixed reality – or ‘MR’ – has been around for a few years with Microsoft Hololens, but a consumer-ready option hasn’t surfaced yet. Well, that was until today.

Microsoft had previously announced that Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo would be producing MR headsets, but today at Computex saw more details emerge of the Dell, Asus and Lenovo models. 

Dell is set to be first out of the gates with an ‘affordable’ white headset that has been designed by the company’s XPS and Alienware teams. The headset will launch this holiday and will include a weight balanced headband, replaceable cushions, cable routing, and a flip-up visor.

While Dell is looking to get people in at the entry level, it is Asus that seems like it will have the more interesting device. With a polygonal 3D cover panel on the front, the headset sports six degrees of freedom tracking which will help to make the experience far more immersive. However, Microsoft hasn’t said whether Asus’ headset will be available this year, so it’s likely to not hit stores until 2018. 

Only Dell and Asus had headsets ready to show off at Computex, but Microsoft has said that Lenovo’s device will be ‘incredibly affordable’ and will launch this year, with others from Acer, HP, and Dell following suit. 

Also at Computex, Microsoft showed off a whole bunch of new desktops, laptops and convertibles from the likes of Samsung and MSI.

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