Intel pushes its Thunderbolt 3.0 USB port by giving it away

Intel is pushing its Thunderbolt 3.0 USB port as the next, well, USB port. The tech giant wants its Thunderbolt 3.0 USB to become the defacto input mode for all future PCs. In order to do this, the firm is effectively giving it away by doing away with exclusive licencing deals.

Chipzilla has already come out in support of the plan to make the next-generation input port the new USB. "Intel’s vision for Thunderbolt was not just to make a faster computer port, but a simpler and more versatile port available to everyone. We envision a future where high-performance single-cable docks, stunning photos and 4K video, lifelike VR, and faster-than-ever storage are commonplace," said Intel Client Computing group VP Chris Walker. "A world where one USB-C connector does it all – today, and for many years to come."

In order to make that dream a reality, Intel says it will be opening up the port as a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence so that motherboard makers can install the ports into their boards without licencing worries.

Thunderbolt is already a feature on Apple machines, but Intel is hoping to move into the wider PC market now. To do this Intel is looking to employ the likes of Microsoft to help roll out Thunderbolt USB-3 ports..

"Microsoft and Intel are working together to enable Thunderbolt 3 on Windows PCs to deliver on the ‘if it fits, it works’ potential of USB-C," said Microsoft Windows and Devices strategy general manager Roanne Sones."The Windows 10 Creators Update enhanced plug-and-play support for Thunderbolt 3 devices, with additional enhancements planned for future OS releases."

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