15 UK startups founded by women head to Silicon Valley

An entourage of the UK’s leading startups founded by women are heading to the Silicon Valley to tie up trade deals. A total of 15 UK businesses – all established by women – are heading to the States to meet with top technology companies in a bid to generate new business links.

The startup founders will meet with executives from the likes of Apple, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn as they consider expanding to the US west coast. London’s deputy mayor Rajesh Agrawal will be accompanying the party. He said that the group demonstrates the UK’s increasing diversity within the sector. “London is one of the world’s most successful tech ecosystems, and shares many strengths with Silicon Valley: Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship,” said Agrawal. “These female tech pioneers personify these qualities. I look forward to helping them maximise their investment and networking opportunities in North America, contributing to London’s economic prosperity.”

Although the number of women in technology is still disproportionately low, new research has revealed that it is becoming more even. A new report by LinkedIn and Founders4Schools revealed that women in had contributed £3 billion to the technology sector over the past 12 months. Meanwhile the number of female-run firms with a turnover above £250 million grew by 14 per cent last year. 

Settled founder and chief executive Gemma Young added: “In strengthening connections between London and Silicon Valley, our opportunities become more and more global. We’re excited to be part of that mission; to continue to be a part of London’s wonderful tech hub and most of all; to be a part of the next generation of global businesses created in London.”

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