AMD Ryzen 5 is ‘most warmly’ received CPU in seven years, survey finds

AMD’s Ryzen 5 processor has been named the most warmly welcomed CPU in seven years, in a new survey. In fact, the Ryzen 5 has scored the best customer satisfaction score that German technology site has ever recorded.

In total, the AMD CPU received an unprecedented 83.9 per cent positive rating from more than 1,800 happy customers. Only 6.7 per cent of those surveyed expressed negative feeling towards the chip, with 9.4 per cent indifferent. has been gathering customer feedback via surveys for the past seven years. The previous most well received processor (now the second) was the Intel’s second generation processors which scored 75.9 per cent positive feedback when it launched in 2011.

The recently launched Ryzen 7 has also been well received, recording 74.6 per cent positive feedback. In comparison, Intel’s 2017 Kaby Lake desktop processor has garnered just 12 per cent positive feedback.

AMD has certainly turned things around since its Bulldozer chip recorded the lowest ever positive feedback score in 2011, with just 6.8 per cent positive feedback.

In terms of the chips’ specs, the 1600 series features six cores and 12 threads, while the 1500X and 1400 has 4-core and 8-thread CPUs. All of the processors are unclocked and capable of overclocking, and each Ryzen CPU ie equipped with the rather flash sounding XFR (extended frequency range) tech which basically improves the boost clock by adding a few MHz.

Now, where the most interesting bit of info comes from is in AMD’s comparison between the 1600X and Intel’s Core i5 7600K. AMD claims that its new chip is 69 per cent more powerful. While the top-end’s $249 price tag is a teeny bit higher than the i5 7600K’s RRP of $243, the overclocking-enabled features in the Ryzen chips will likely make it a more lucrative option for prospective system builders.

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