New iMac rumours spark claims Apple is building its own virtual reality device

If you have somehow managed to miss it, Apple is making iMacs again and there will be a new one this year. And with that now confirmed, the rumour mill has begun turning. While the return of the iMac is perhaps not the most ground-breaking news of all time, the alleged spec attached to it has thrown up one exciting prospect: Apple entering the VR space.

The latest speculation is that the 2017 iMac will feature AMD graphics, Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 processors and 16GB-64GB of RAM. Thrown into the mix is support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C connection along with a 2TB SSD have also been mooted. But what is getting everyone hot under the collar is reports that the new iMac’s AMD graphics will be able to support VR and Pro apps. Putting two and two together and coming up with five (or maybe not), a lot of people are suggesting that this will pave the way for Apple to join the virtual reality race.

But before everyone gets too excited, things need to be put into perspective. Apple has never shown a real interest in VR. In fact, it has almost gone so far as to dismiss it entirely. Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he believes there is more interest in augmented reality than VR – a feature expected to be implemented with the launch of Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone later this year, with facial recognition capabilities in a rumoured iPhone 8.

Other rumours surrounding the new iMacs include an 8K display and a new keyboard with MacBook Pro-esque Touch Bar fit for augmented reality programmes. With the next line of iPhones due to be launched in September it remains to be seen exactly when the new iMac will be unveiled. The likelihood of a late autumn/ early winter release date seems the most likely at this stage (but that is just another rumour!).

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