LG thinks outside the box with super-wide screens

The dawn of the super-wide screen is upon us. Unveiling its preposterously wide 38-inch super-wide screen, LG has taken monitors to the next level. With a 21:9 aspect ratio screen with FreeSync-capable technology, the LG 38UC99 (catchy, right?) is – on the face of it – a gaming monitor to beat all others.

Inside the 38-inch monitor, 3,840 by 1,600 pixels are packed into this unconventional 4K screen.

AMD’s FreeSync adaptive frame syncing is also at play, along with so-called 1ms motion blur reduction. Billed as the most ‘fluid motion in high-res games’, LG are pushing the monitor for its ‘precision and accuracy for playing at the highest level’. On sale for £1,200, the 38UC99 features 8-bit colour with 99% of the sRGB colour space and an IPS panel.

Brian Kwon, LG president, said that the rise in smartphones and tablets has driven monitor manufacturers to think outside the box (literally). “With tablets and smartphones at their disposal, consumers today don’t feel shackled to their desks anymore so it’s more important than ever that their monitors offer additional user benefits and conveniences,” he said. “LG is the number one brand in the 21:9 monitor space because we were first to recognize that consumers are adopting a new way of working and playing that put them ahead of the competition whether that’s working or playing.”

In keeping with LGs quest to stretch its screens to breaking point, the company recently launched two other products that play by the same rules as the super-sized 38UC99. The 34-inch curved 34UC79G was released in October for $700, and the flat 34-inch 34UM79M hit the shelves a month later. And both fit the super widescreen bill.

The curved 34UC79G combines a super fast refresh rate with advanced 1-MS Motion Blur Reduction to give the monitor seamless image transitions without distortion. Features such as a Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync, are included, with the 34UC79G specifically designed to gamers’ needs. 

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