Microsoft foldable patent sparks Surface phone rumours

The race to create the first foldable phone could be drawing to a close. With Apple, Google and Microsoft all reportedly working on foldables, it appears the later is nearing the finish line.

It has been revealed that Microsoft is in an advanced position after it was awarded a patent for a foldable, portable device back in January. The patent is for a 2-in-1 with dual touchscreens that transforms from a phone into a tablet. Many are predicting this is the patent that will give birth to the Surface phone, however Microsoft are keeping tight-lipped themselves.

It is currently unclear exactly how the device is ‘foldable’, but Microsoft will be working at double time to push out their product before Apple and Google who are both reportedly working on their own foldable device. LG is the real winner, whoever goes to market first, as they are working with all three tech firms to provide the display. Happy with its technology, LG says the screens are ready to go to market when the devices are ready. Having patented their displays, LG looks likely to make a serious product on foldables for some time to come. 

Microsoft’s early designs appear to show a ‘phone-sized’ device in production. However, their patent also covers larger devices that could imply the company are eyeing up foldable tablets and laptops in the future.

In other Microsoft news, the company has removed all of its Lumia phones from its UK stores. The only Windows smartphones now available are the Acer Liquid Jade Primo and the HP Elite X3. In fact, Microsoft has not released a Windows 10 Mobile powered phone since 2015. Putting two and two together (and possibly coming up with five), it would appear that the disappearance of Lumia indicates the Surface phone range is fast approaching. Then again the foldable design could be rolled out and trialled in a tablet before being scaled down for a phone that bends in the middle.

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