Amazon investigating VR and AR homeware stores

While virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) have already shown themselves to have viability in gaming, in terms of non-gaming applications there hasn’t really been much to show the tech off. However, according to a new report, Amazon apparently is coming up with a solution. 

The company already has invested in physical book and grocery stores, and now the New York Times is claiming that Amazon is looking at doing the same with appliances and furniture, using VR and AR as possible features. It’s not really clear how they would be used, but in essence shoppers would be able to see what the products would look like in their homes. 

Amazon would not be the first to launch a retail store that utilises VR and AR, with US B&Q/Homebase equivalent Lowes implementing what it refers to as its"Holoroom How To". This essentially shows customers how to use the retailer’s products for DIY jobs using an HTC Vive VR headset. The retailer also recently launched an AR app that allows users to navigate their way around the store. 

Now, there’s no guarantee that this is actually going to come to fruition, but according to the ever-reliable "person briefed on the discussions", Amazon is certainly looking into it which should raise a few eyebrows from the established players. 

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