AMD Ryzen 5 being sold three weeks early

Despite not officially going on sale for another three weeks, it would appear some retailers are jumping the gun and are already selling the new AMD Ryzen 5 processors. 

According to a reddit post from user marcosmcc, a store in Paraguay has sold at least one of AMD’s new processors. Should this be correct (and there’s no reason to believe otherwise) we can expect to see plenty of information regarding performance and benchmarking. So far the only stats we have come direct from AMD and these are only based on ‘simulations’.

While you may think that this retailer will be in hot water, videocardz points out that the retailer isn’t actually at fault and that it’s down to the distributor to enforce the embargo. If the distributor forgot to inform the retailer of the embargo then that retailer is under no obligation to follow it.

Anyway, if you wanted proof of the chip being out in the wild (it’s a Ryzen 5 1600 with a 3.2GHz base in case you were wondering), have a look at the snaps below. 

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