ARM to launch ‘drastically improved’ DynamIQ chip for smartphones, cars and mobile devices

‘Drastic improvements’ to ARM’s smartphone, cars and mobile chips have been promised by the manufacturer. Announcing that the launch of its DynamIQ chip will take place later this year, an ARM spokesman promised big changes.

“This chip represents the biggest architectural shift since the 64-bit ARMv8-A in 2011,” the spokesman said. ““DynamIQ technology is a monumental shift in multicore microarchitecture for the industry, and the foundation for future ARM Cortex-A processors.”

The firm is aiming to implement its chips in more than 100 billion devices by 2021. Currently more than 3.5 billion people use ARM-based devices, with the company looking to grow year-on-year in the next five years. Aiming to double the 50 billion chips shipped between 2013 and 2017, ARM supplies more than 450 silicon partners and 1,000 community partners.

A main focus of ARM’s new chip is a focus on AI technologies. “We see it as our responsibility to address the industry’s demand of ubiquitous AI, autonomous systems, and accelerating the integration of virtual worlds toward a mixed-reality experience,” an ARM spokesperson said. “DynamIQ is just the latest in ARM’s growing list of technology leadership milestones to get the industry one step closer to our ultimate vision,” an ARM spokesperson said. “[We want to] transform technology experiences through a total computing approach that creates a vast network of securely connected smart devices that enhance every aspect of peoples’ lives.”

The DynamIQ chips boast features that improve performance without compromising efficiency. A redesigned memory interface enables faster data access and enhanced power management. And a compact ‘single-cluster’ design consolidates multiple components in a single chip, allowing ARM technology to intelligently switch between processor cores, shares memory between cores more efficiently.

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