IT departments are struggling to ensure cloud security

IT departments are having a tough time when it comes to Cloud security, with almost 40 per cent of cloud services being commissioned without their involvement. This is according to a new Intel Security report. 

While 93 per cent of the 2,000 IT professionals surveyed said that their firms utilise cloud services, 49 per cent have slowed their rate of adoption due to a lack of cybersecurity skills. The whitepaper, entitled ‘Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky’ says that Many firms are working under a ‘Cloud First’ philosophy, only choosing to deploy an internal service if there is no suitable cloud variant available. As a result, IT architectures are rapidly shifting to a hybrid private/public cloud model, with those surveyed expecting 80 per cent of their IT budget to be cloud-based within an average of 15 months. 

“The ‘Cloud First’ strategy is now well and truly ensconced into the architecture of many organizations across the world,” said Raj Samani, EMEA chief technology officer at Intel Security. “The desire to move quickly toward cloud computing appears to be on the agenda for most organizations. This year, the average time before respondents thought their IT budgets would be 80 percent cloud-based was 15 months, indicating that Cloud First for many companies is progressing and remains the objective.”

The survey also found that the average number of cloud services in use in an organisation dropped from 43 in 2015 to 29 in 2016, indicating potential consolidation of cloud providers or solutions. Cloud architectures also changed significantly, from predominantly private-only in 2015 to increased adoption of public cloud resulting in a predominantly hybrid private/public infrastructure in 2016. 

We’ve cherry picked some of the most interesting info, but have a look below for a neat infographic breaking down the findings of the survey.

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