Exclusive – HTC: Vive price is “something we’re comfortable with”, has no plans to return to pre-Brexit price

Last summer HTC raised the price of its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset as a result of the “recent currency valuation changes" caused by Brexit. In exclusive comments made to PCR, HTC has said that it has no plans to readjust the price back to its initial cost. 

The Vive’s price increased in August 2016 from £689 to £759 (an increase of roughly 10 per cent) because of what it refered to as "recent currency valuation changes" that saw the British pound plummet against the US dollar. OnePlus made a similar decision by upping the price of its "3" smartphone, as did Apple by increasing product prices across the board.

Speaking to PCR, Vive senior manager of product management Graham Breen said that the current price point is "something we’re comfortable with".

"I think what’s important is that we’re making sure that Vive is competitive, is well priced for customers, and sits properly within the market environment," said Breen. "So at the moment we’re priced at £759 and that’s something that is pretty well received amongst the consumers, it’s something we’re comfortable with and you have to remember what’s in there and this is what’s also important for people buying Vive.

"It’s just the sheer amazing experience they’re getting for that £759. So yes it’s the HMD – the VR headset – but it’s also the fact that they’ve got the two handheld controllers as well so they’ve got the full package there and of course the two base stations to allow them to move around. So we think it’s actually a very competitive price for what we’ve got now."

Breen also commented on the Vive’s first year on British shelves, and said that demand for the device is high: "Initially we started selling on our own website, but now it’s available across a range of retail stores, whether that’s Currys PC World or Game. It’s also available at online retailers as well such as Overclockers and Scan. So that’s all a response to just more demand we’ve had from the market. It’s been a really exciting 12 months basically since we first live with pre-order last year."

Read the full interview with Vive senior manager of product management Graham Breen in the March issue of PCR – our VR special.

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