What to expect from Microsoft’s Surface PC event

Microsoft is taking to New York City tomorrow to host a special press event. Microsoft held a similar event this time last year, but this year’s show is expected to feature less hardware and focus more on 3D and creativity tools. So what are we expecting?

Surface all-in-one PC

While it’s expected that the event won’t feature much by way of hardware, it is more than likely that the one big thing we will see is a new, all-in-one Surface PC. This will, for all intents and purposes, serve as Microsoft’s answer to the iMac, but with a few changes.

The device will have a large display (24- or 27-inch) and, if patents are to be believed, a hinge to make the Surface lay flat on a desk, akin to the original Surface table. In keeping with other Surface devices, it will have a touchscreen and stylus support with a focus on 3D design.

It has already been reported that we will probably be seing a new Surface-branded keyboard and mouse set.


Microsoft a couple of weeks ago announced the expansion of the HoloLens to countries including the UK and, with this event’s focus on 3D, it is certain that it will feature heavily. It is extremely unlikely that we will see anupdated version of the HoloLens, but it’s clear the company is planning to let others create their own headsets.

A part of that will see Windows Holographic shell appearing on Windows 10 and the ability to plug headsets directly into that through a PC. Microsoft has thus far given limited details on how this will work, but we’re expecting to see demonstrations of interractions betwen headsets and Windows 10. 

Microsoft’s own Echo

Jumping on the band wagon with Amazon and Google, Microsoft is apparently preparing to launch a Home Hub device with Cortana. Windows Central has reported that Microsoft has an Amazon Echo competitor ready to reveal. The voice-activated speaker will respond to questions like Alexa or Siri on an iPhone, and will, unlike the Echo, have the ability to store files on the device.

No Surface phone, Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2; bye bye Band

While a Surface-branded event might seem like the logical place to refresh your like-branded products, Microsoft is apparently holding off on updating its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices until next year. It is also extremely unlikely that we will at this point – or at any point for that matter – finally see a Surface phone, after the company has downscaled its phone operations. 

The event will also likely serve as the final nail in the coffin of the Band, which has been circling the drain for the past couple of months. Should the device go completely unmentioned, it will be proving that the Band is finally gone. 

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