New Chillblast site makes picking a PC feel like ‘designing a character in a triple-A game’

System builder Chillblast as unveiled a brand new website with a unique configurator system.

The firm said the new site is an exciting development for Chillblast and has many benefits over its previous one, including high-quality media, a responsive mobile-optimised design, and a new tile-based customise process.

“With our new website we’ve tried to develop a customer experience that not only looks beautiful, but differentiates itself from the competition,” Ben Miles, Chillblast’s sales director, told PCR.

He also detailed how the new configurator system works, and why gamers will find it so appealing.

“Designing a PC on is more like designing a character in a triple-A PC game, rather than just selecting from a drop down list of components,” said Miles.

The new tile-based design enables users to select each customisable part (processor, overclocking, case, CPU cooler etc), which brings up the various options on the same page.

Each available tile also displays how much that particular selection will increase or decrease the final price.

“Add to this the best mobile optimisation in the industry, professional photography throughout the website and a sleek new look and we think there’s something for everyone to enjoy on our new store,” added Miles.

You can check to the brand new website at

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