New product roundup: Raspberry Pi-powered Poco PC, Haier’s first ‘ultraportable’ laptops

Here’s our roundup of the latest hardware, components, peripherals and products from the tech and IT channel announced this week.

Poco mini PC
Poco is a credit card size and multi-function micro computer from Sinclair that is powered by the open source and easy to modify Raspberry Pi chipset. Poco is an action camera, a gaming console, a hi-res music player & recorder (up to 18x higher quality than MP3) plus an internet ready web browser in your pocket. It includes a built-in Raspberry Pi chipset (compute module) so no separate Raspberry Pi purchase is necessary. Poco is currently looking for funding, check out the Indigogo campaign here.

Haier’s first ultraportable laptops
At CES 2016, Haier will launch into the ultraportable laptops market with the Cloudbook and the Ultrabook. The newest Ultra HD Android TV collections and a full range of 4G smartphones will also be showcased. USB-C adapter cable
The new USB-C adapter cable lets users utilize the new USB-C port on their laptop and access hard drives without any hassle or additional software. The cable is small and compact, perfect for mobile access of hard drives, much like the USB-A port version. MSRP for the USB-C Adapter Cable for 2.5” SATA Drives is £30.99 (excl. VAT) in the UK.

AOC 160Hz curved gaming monitor, Quantum Dot display and next-gen 4K monitor
AOC will be showing off a range of new monitors at CES 2016. The new AOC C3583FQ 160 Hz gaming monitor premieres at CES. It comes with a 35-inch curved panel to frame the player’s field of view completely. The AOC I2771FM9 with Quantum Dot technology has a 27-inch IPS display provides an extremely wide range of colours. AOC will also present a new 4K highlight at the stand: The U2879VF combines the 4K UHD resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels with ultra-fast connectivity options for private and professional use.

PIQ sport wearable
PIQ created a multi-sport sensor adaptable to any kind of sports and has partnered up with renowned international brands like Babolat and Mobitee to create connected sport devices in various fields. They recently launched a connected golf club and a third connected sport product will be released before Christmas.

SoftMaker Load and Help campaign
SoftMaker has launched its pre-Christmas 2015 charity campaign “Load and Help”, donating £0.07 for every free download of SoftMaker’s Office software, to support relief projects on

IK Multimedia Riff Maestro
The Riff Maestro is a powerful free app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices that lets users quickly and easily learn how to play any song in their mobile device’s music library. It sports effortless tempo and pitch shifting, an automatic chord detector, an audio waveform display, touch-and-drag loop point setting, and more.

ProLabs multicode compatible optical transceivers
The ProLabs multicode optical transceivers are designed to work with more than one vendor platform. Whilst the functionality is similar to other optical transceivers, the EEPROM code that is loaded into a ProLabs Multicode transceiver is compatible with three vendors, instead of being compatible with just one.

Clic and Walk app
The Clic and Walk app is described as a ‘money making app for a finance safe christmas’. This is how it works:
1) Brands get in contact with Clic and Walk in order to have live surveys in specific location, to know how are exposed their products.
2) Then Clic and Walk puts in place a "mission" available on it’s app for all it’s users, for them to complete.
3) Once the mission fulfilled, the "clicwalker" gets paid on his private bank account.
4) After having completed the mission, the results are being treated by Clic and Walk, and are available for the brand to see how the situation changes throughout the day.

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