A day in the life of Maggie Zaboura, founder and CEO of Zaboura Communications

A natural early riser, my mornings are spent getting my brain into gear with some meditation and a shot of wheatgrass. I like being awake when the world isn’t.

If that does the trick and I’m not too tired, I might head to the gym for some training, then it’s back home to get ready for the office at 9am with a green smoothie to keep me going until lunchtime.

I like to travel by bus to avoid those stifling tube carriages, and to soak up the city sights on my journey to work. I pass the Albert memorial every day and it’s always impressive in any season.

At Zaboura, we start every day with a team meeting where we pitch our ideas and check out what the industry is saying, identifying any opportunities that catch our eye.

Our morning huddles are invaluable and keep us dynamic. Our focus is always on exceeding our KPIs for our clients.

After lots of client calls and meetings, I might hop onto some webinars to check out the latest innovations or technology available for our industry. Having bolstered our team recently with two new employees, my mind is on how we can work more efficiently and utilise the latest technology to help us deliver better results. We have also just finished moving into our new office overlooking Regent Street, which is very exciting! We’re busier and more invigorated than ever.

We were very excited to be at the PCR Women of the Year awards in October, which I was delighted to sponsor. This has kept me busy identifying and drawing upon the inspirational women in our industry and what they are doing right, so we can learn and adopt their strategies.

The bus journey home gives me some time to unwind and enjoy some ritualistic Facebooking and Whatsapping. Then, after a day of wheatgrass and green juice, I make up for it with nights usually spent out at dinners, theatre or just catching up with friends or clients.

I like to go out and make the most of my evenings; it’s hard not to when there is so much happening in London all the time. When I do have a night in, it’s usually spent meeting up with my fellow female tech entrepreneurs and discussing various start up projects that I’m currently working on. After that, I try and aim for some sleep before I’m up early the next day to do it all over again!

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