Michael Dell on Alienware Steam Machine launch: “We are reasserting ourselves in the consumer space in Europe”

Michael Dell has spoken to PCR as the firm’s PC gaming Alienware Steam Machine launches in the UK.

The system is the result of a collaboration between Dell’s Alienware gaming brand and Valve Software, the developer of online gaming platform Steam.

It’s designed as a PC gaming system with a controller that can be used in "virtually any room", like a traditional console, but with acess to more than 1,500 SteamOS games plus thousands more in home steaming.

The unit is joined by other steam machines hitting the market.

GAME signed an exclusive Steam Machine deal earlier this year, and it’s now selling the Alienware Steam Machine online, as is Alienware direct. PCR has reached out to Dell to find out which other retailers are selling the device in the UK, though the Alienware Facebook page does say it’s available "online and in select stores".

Michael Dell told PCR: "We’re certainly more in the commercial space today, but our brand is well regarded, we’ve got fantastic products and brand in consumer, and we are reasserting ourselves in the consumer space in key countries in Europe.

"We have a fantastic cult brand in Alienware, which has resonated very well with the gaming community. 

"To give you a sense for some of the things we’re doing in our consumer business, in China, where we’ve had really spectacular growth, we have almost 12,000 Dell exclusive stores today in China that sell our products – and a number of Alienware exclusive stores as well."

Claire Vyvyan, vice president of Dell’s Enterprise Solutions Group, recently told PCR that Dell is aiming to become the number one PC vendor.

The Alienware Steam Machine will be bundled with free bonus content including the Payday 2 2015 Game of the Year Edition, Screencheat and Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball. It will also include free-to-play title War Thunder with special in-game items; plus a M18 Black Cat Tank and a XP-38G Lightning plane.

The base model starts at £449.99 with an Intel Core processor, High Performance NVIDIA GTX graphics and a 500 GB Hard Drive. Upgraded versions include Quad-HDD (7200RPM), with upgraded performance and features available with 8GB memory (£499), Intel Core i5 (£579) and Intel Core i7 (£699) processors, up to 2TB Hard Drive capacity and 8GB of memory. All models come bundled with the new Steam Gamepad.

Last year, Alienware launched a Windows-based Alpha system, like the Steam Machine but without its SteamOS.

Earlier this year Dell signed a deal with distributor Exertis to bring its products back to retail.

Check out the next issue of PCR for more comments from Michael Dell

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