PXS on IT security: Assume that the worst can and will happen

As we continue to delve into the world of security for this month’s Sector Spotlight, we asked Rob Hall, director of PXS Distribution, for his business security advice.

With bring your own device (BOYD) changing the security landscape within SME and enterprise business environments, the BOYD phenomenon coupled with mobility has increased malware and phishing drastically, said Hall, believing that vulnerability in general is higher than ever.

“Traditional hacking is a thing of the past, today’s threats target credit card details and identity theft,” Hall told PCR.

“We can expect cyber threats to become more intrusive and ever more persistent in the near future. The search for and phishing for personal and critical business data will only continue to increase.”

Hall also commented that buying security has now become a necessity, as apposed to a ‘grudge purchase’.

When it comes to security subscriptions, PXS Security’s own model is entirely geared around annuity revenue. “We want to encourage customer loyalty to renew annually,” he said.

Looking ahead, Hall believes that IoT, Smart Home and wearable devices will be the major trends that affect business and customer security.

“Connected devices, mobile devices and the connected home ensure that the speed of the phishing and malware attacks are infinitely faster,” Hall told PCR.

“More devices talking to each other, means more people connected, which means more opportunity for malicious intent.”

Here are Hall’s top three security tips for businesses:
1. Take all possible steps to protect yourself and your business
2. Take the necessary steps for digital cover and insurance
3. Assume that the worst can and will happen

PXS Distribution is a partner at this year’s PCR Boot Camp North, which takes place on November 18th at the Royal Armouries, Leeds.

The firm will be unveiling the Bitdefender Box to dealers at the conference and expo, as well as demonstrate the full range of products from Bitdefender and Kaspersky. And another crowd-puller for the firm will likely be the VR One virtual reality headset from Zeiss.

PCR Boot Camp North is completely free for dealers, retailers, resellers and system builders to attend and all will go home with a free gift – a choice of two premium speakers.

Sign up for free at www.pcrbootcampnorth.com

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