A day in the life of: Rachel Gordon, European marketing manager, Mad Catz

A typical day tends to start with the usual mundane child-related routine of the school run, before either heading off to the office or more often than not, off-site for meetings, events, filming or a combination of all three.

My job could never be described as dull – every day throws a different curveball in my direction and my day rarely pans out as planned! My role here is to manage all marketing aspects for the UK and often beyond. This can include retail and trade marketing, events, social media management, promotions, product launches, merchandising, digital and partner marketing with a sprinkle of PR support and online management. More recently I am also heavily involved in driving the Mad Catz global sponsorship strategy forward with regards to our players, teams and YouTube partners.

Today sees me begin to build the 2015 promotional calendar for our YouTube team. Mad Catz has quite a substantial portfolio of ‘Tubers’ that span across a variety of territories, game genres, lifestyle demographics and languages, including the likes of WillyRex, Ali-A and the ‘Beast’ himself: KSI.

A huge category for Mad Catz over the last 18 months, and will continue as a focus into 2015, is mobile gaming. As it’s a new category and from a marketing perspective, I’m approaching it from various angles and having to explore different styles of marketing the range. With this in mind, I spend more time now than I would have previously, trawling the Android forums and reading up on the rapid development and evolution of mobile technology.

I usually manage to squeeze lunch in at some point in the early afternoon, but if not I tend to combat the 3.50pm mental lull with a sugar rush (usually a chocolate bar of some description and a cup of tea), before preparing for our US team to start their day. Any conference calls we have scheduled tend to be around this time due to the time difference, so it’s convenient for both offices. Also, across the day (and night) I check our social media channels to ensure all is up to date – and upload regular posts for our incredibly loyal community.

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