How will Microsoft’s new VR Kit impact virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is still a hot topic for many vendors in the tech industry, with the likes of Sony and Google all dabbling in the trend. Not to mention the Oculus Rift, which was among the first to promise to transport users into a virtual world.

Now tech giant Microsoft is also making its mark in the sector, with the development of its VR Kit.

The device is set to rival the likes of Google Cardboard, and boasts a cardboard virtual reality box, however users will be able to enjoy VR on the VR Kit by using a Lumia smartphone.

Microsoft has already announced that it will be holding a hackathon on October 17th in Russia to build apps for the VR Kit, so we may soon see some exciting apps for the kit come to launch.

But Microsoft hasn’t revealed whether the device will be on sale to consumers during the hackathon.

This isn’t all Microsoft is doing though. The company is already working on its HoloLens, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Powered by Windows 10, the HoloLens is described as ‘the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform’ and lets users bring holograms to life.

It is clear that the tech firm is upping its game when it comes to VR, but we are still a long way off until we can get our hands on the HoloLens – the device isn’t expected to launch until 2016.

But now that more companies are starting to take on VR, it seems these devices are set to stay and will make an impact on the tech sector.

Let’s just hope that these new VR sets come with an affordable price tag, so every consumer can get a slice of the virtual reality action.

Image source: Microsoft VR Kit

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