Windows 10 more popular in UK than US, Microsoft set to acquire VoloMetrix

Windows 10’s share of the UK market is a lot higher than its share of the global market, according to new figures from analytics company Statcounter.

In August, Windows 10 had an 8.45 per cent of the UK market, a 5.64 per cent share of the US market and a 4.88 per cent of the global market, in terms of internet usage.

This means that in its first calendar month since launch, Windows 10 worldwide usage share far exceeds that of Windows 8 in the same time period.

"Windows 10 came out of the traps much faster than Windows 8 and also exceeded the launch of Windows 7," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO at StatCounter.

Worldwide usage of Windows 10 in its first calendar month was 4.9% compared to one per cent for Windows 8 and 4.1 per cent for Windows 7 after their first complete month. 

Worldwide, Windows 7 still holds 48.1 per cent of worldwide internet usage share (39.7 per cent in US and 34.5 per cent in UK).

StatCounter Global Stats data is based on over 15 billion page views per month to more than three million websites.

Here’s the UK marketshare graph: 

And here’s the global marketshare graph: 

In other news, Microsoft has announced that it will acquire VoloMetrix, a specialist in organisational analytics. 

The acquisition will combine VoloMetrix’s experience, technology and track record of success with Office 365 and Microsoft’s previously announced Delve Organizational Analytics.

"Today, most of us don’t have the tools and information to help us make better decisions about our scarcest resource at work: our time," Microsoft said in a statement.

"But, similar to how fitness trackers help us understand our health in our personal lives, innovative new solutions are emerging to objectively measure and prioritize our time at work. Giving people access to real data and objective, personalized feedback can lead to a virtuous cycle of improvement for both individuals and their company."

Microsoft says the deal is "a big step forward in Microsoft’s ambition to reinvent productivity and business process, and will deliver new value to Microsoft’s customers with organisational analytics".

Microsoft expects to launch an early preview program for Delve Organizational Analytics within the next month, and general availability of the initial release of the integrated Office 365 service by the end of this calendar year.

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