Cheapest FreeSync monitors emerge for £100

Prices for FreeSync monitors are continuing to fall, as AOC has just released two new models with prices starting at £99 – one of the cheapest on the market.

The AOC G2260VWQ6 and G2460VQ6 will be available in September 2015 for £99 and £129 respectively, and both will feature Anti-Blue Light Technology to help reduce short-wavelength light when users are gaming.

AOC’s Anti-Blue Light Technology shifts the wavelength peak from 450nm to 460nm, which reduces the hazardous light by 90 per cent.

This tech also doesn’t reduce any picture quality when gaming, as it shifts the blue light instead of filtering or blocking it.

With AMD’s FreeSync technology the monitors boast a one-millisecond response time at 60 hertz, which helps to prevent image tearing, stuttering, input lag or motion blur.

AOC previously announced the launch of the 24-inch G2460PF priced at £229, and the 27-inch G2770PF priced at £279, which will also be available from this September.

But the competition to deliver the cheapest FreeSync monitor is still on-going, as AMD revealed that a line-up of FreeSync monitors will launch during September.

AOC’s latest edition is the cheapest currently on the market, however AMD has promised that it’s FreeSync monitors will be cheaper than Nvidia’s G-Sync monitors.

Now that a display is available for under £100, could we start to see even cheaper versions emerge on the market?

The competition between Nvidia and AMD proves that this certainly could be the case, so we will just have to watch this space to see whether another monitor will crop up soon.

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