Sony tells customers not to upgrade to Windows 10… yet

Sony might not technically be in the PC business anymore, after selling its VAIO brand last year, so why is it advising customers not to upgrade to Windows 10?

As part of the deal with Japan Industrial Partners, which now owns the VAIO brand, Sony agreed to continue to offer aftercare customer services around those products – even though it no longer manufactures them.

Now it is warning customers not to upgrade to Windows 10, at least not for the time being, as the VAIO drivers are not compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system. 

On this Windows 10 support page, Sony said in a statement: "Do not upgrade yet. To ensure your VAIO PC works with Windows 10, it is strongly recommended that you wait to upgrade your PC until the drivers are ready.

"We are testing supported models and will be providing the results as quickly as possible. We plan to release Windows 10 upgrade information and, for Windows 8 and 8.1 models, drivers, applications and detailed information on the schedule below based on the operating system originally installed on the PC."

It is expected to have the correct drivers available for Windows 8 pre-installed VAIO systems this November, and drivers for Windows 8.1 pre-installed systems in October.

Japan Industrial Partners has continued to launch new VAIO models over the past year or so, including this prototype tablet and hybrid laptops.

Windows 10 officially launched a couple of weeks ago.

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